Sun-e Holidays – Terms and Conditions



A Temporary Letting Contract and any amendments to such contract between Sun-e Holidays / Intercontinental Travel Exchange, (hereinafter called "the Company"), and the person who has made the reservation, e.g.; the lead name of the booking file for this Letting Contract, (hereinafter called "the Tenant"), are valid only after:

 (a) the Company issues a Confirmation Invoice showing the total amount due for the letting and any part payments made.

(b) the Company issues a modified Confirmation Invoice, and any payments are made as a result of any amendments to the Letting Contract requested by the Tenant.

By receiving this Letting Contract the Tenant confirms that he/she has read and accepts these Terms of Business and warrants that he/she is also authorized to accept them on behalf of all other members of the party named in the Letting Contract including any persons substituted or added to the party by agreed amendment to the Contract.

All guests must present a scanned copy their identification document (Passport) prior to the arrival instructions being sent, so that the company can register their data according to the norms of registry for tourism/accommodation with the police and security forces of Spain and the Canary Islands.

The Letting Contract grants the Tenant the right to temporary occupation of the Accommodation detailed in the Letting Contract and use of the furniture and equipment in the Accommodation at the time of the Tenant’s arrival. The Tenant has contracted to rent the accommodation from the date of arrival till the date of departure specified in the Contract without any possibility of extending the period of the Contract. The accommodation may only be used as temporary accommodation for the stipulated time and may not be used as a home or permanent address.

Accommodation is booked for the exclusive use of the persons named in the Letting Contract. Any persons substituted or added to the party, must be paid for and a new Confirmation Invoice issued by the Company prior to the arrival date.





Once the Letting Contract has expired the Tenant will return the Accommodation to the Company along with the furniture and equipment in the condition in which it was received. The keeping of animals in the Accommodation is not permitted.

The rental price is shown in the Letting Contract and includes the cost of cleaning, electricity, water as well as any taxes due.

In the case of Letting Contracts made more than 8 weeks prior to arrival a deposit of 30%, will be due by the date shown on the Letting Contract. The balance will be due not less than 8 weeks prior to the date of arrival. Bookings made less than 8 weeks prior to arrival will require full payment to be made at the time of receiving the Contract.

If payments are not received by the due dates shown in the Letting Contract, the Company reserves the right to consider the booking to have been cancelled by the Tenant and to retain any deposit paid by the Tenant.

Any cancellation made by the Tenant must be notified in writing to the Company. The following cancellation charges will apply based on the date the cancellation is received by the Company:

More than 56 days before arrival the deposit will be retained

Between 55 and 30 days before arrival 50% of the total cost will be retained

Between 29 and 15 days before arrival 80% of the total cost will be retained

Less than 14 days before arrival 100% of the total cost will be retained

It is strongly recommended that Clients take out all risk travel insurance which should cover any possible cancellation charges.

If the Company informs the Tenant before the arrival date that the accommodation specified in the Letting Contract cannot be provided for any reason, the Company reserves the right to substitute alternative accommodation of a similar nature. If the Tenant wishes not to accept the alternative accommodation and to cancel the booking, such cancellation will be subject to the above cancellation charges.




In the unlikely event that, due to circumstances beyond its control, the Company cannot provide the accommodation booked by the Tenant and cannot offer alternative accommodation of a similar nature, the Company reserves the right to cancel the booking at any time and will only be liable to refund the monies paid by the Tenant.

The Company has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the companies, organizations, and persons used by them are reputable and reliable. However, the Company has no control over such organizations or persons and shall not be responsible for any acts or omissions by them or their employees. The Tenant accepts the terms and conditions of such companies, organizations and persons who are providing services to the Company and the Tenant.

The Company will not be liable for cancellation or change to the Letting Contract or any loss, damage, or expense to the Tenant as a result of war, riots, civil commotion, strikes or other industrial action, disasters, terrorist activities, acts of God, acts of government or local authorities or any other event outside the control of the Company.

Should the Tenant wish to make one or more changes to the Letting Contract at any time there will be an administration charge of €35,00.

All baggage, including personal articles, documents and money is at all times at the Tenant´s risk. For the convenience of Tenants, safes are fitted in some accommodation. The Company can accept no responsibility for the security of these safes, and they are used at the discretion of the Tenant. It is strongly recommended that Tenants take out insurance against all loss or damage.

No responsibility can be accepted by the Company for the Tenant’s failure to carry current passports, driving licenses, visas, health certificates or any other travel documents required.

The Tenant accepts responsibility for the actions of all the members of the party and indemnifies the Company against any loss suffered by the Company, (including legal and any other consequent losses), for any damage to the accommodation, furniture, equipment, other property, persons or vehicles. All breakages and damage to the Accommodation caused by the Tenant or other members of the party must be reported to the Company immediately. Payment for any damage will be due prior to the date of vacation of the accommodation. Should any member of the party cause serious damage to the accommodation, act in an improper manner or cause a disturbance or create unreasonable noise in the vicinity of the accommodation, the Company reserves the right at its sole discretion to terminate the Letting Contract forthwith and the Tenant agrees to vacate the accommodation immediately. The Company shall have no further responsibility for, or liability to, the Tenant and will retain all payments made by the Tenant.

The Company has attempted to accurately describe the accommodation being let to the Tenant. However, most of the accommodation is privately owned and therefore furnishings and equipment may be replaced or updated or removed at any time without notice. Some owners have installed equipment such as washing machines, dishwashers, TV´s, video players, DVD’s etc. Unfortunately, there may be occasions when such facilities break down or are withdrawn by the owner or manager of the accommodation without the Company´s knowledge. The Company cannot, therefore, accept responsibility for the availability or functionality of any such equipment although every effort will be made to ensure that the equipment described is available. The descriptions of resorts and accommodation are produced as the result of inspection by the Company´s staff and are updated regularly. We reserve the right to change the accommodation descriptions at any time without notice.

The Company can accept no liability for the loss of main services such as water, gas, electricity or telephone services for any reason including the actions or omissions of the accommodation manager or owner or the actions of any authority, company or person over which the Company has no control. Building works and consequent noise and possible disruption can begin without notice and are totally outside the Company’s control. In circumstances where the Company is aware of building works in the vicinity, which it is considered may cause disruption, the Tenant will be informed prior to the date of arrival.

Accommodation will normally be available for occupation by 2 p.m. on the day of arrival and Tenants are required to vacate the accommodation at 10 a.m. on the day of departure to facilitate cleaning and servicing.

Should the Tenant have a minor problem with any aspect of the accommodation, the complaint should be brought to the attention of the property manager or the Company. If the problem is not resolved by the property manager to the satisfaction of the Tenant then it must be brought to the attention of the Company. More serious problems must be conveyed immediately to the Company. Every effort will be made to correct the problem but if the matter is not resolved to the satisfaction of the Tenant, a written complaint must be forwarded to the Company within 10 days of the Tenant´s departure from the accommodation. If this procedure is not adhered to, the Company can accept no liability or claim for compensation.

The interpretation of this Temporary Letting Contract is subject to the Urban Lettings Law 29/1994 and in the case of any disputes both parties submit themselves to the Courts and Tribunals of Arrecife, Lanzarote.